‘Jenny has been invaluable to me in allowing me to draw out what I really value from my career. I’m feeling much more positive about  future after my sessions with Jenny. It’s been great to work with her.’ JK, coaching client and freelance journalist.

‘Jenny is a fantastic coach who became a massive support mechanism to me over the months. She is incredibly talented and motivational and really had an impact on me, both personally and professionally’ SP, coaching client and manager in welfare-to-work operation.

‘Jenny has helped me to identify things that make the biggest difference to my performance and this has allowed me to develop my team and deliver the performance required of me’. KH, coaching client and welfare-to-work operation manager.

‘Jenny worked insightfully with me at quite a tough time. I had been made redundant and was facing the task of trying to deal with all the ‘what next’ questions. The coaching helped me to focus and not look back. It always helped me deal with things in a positive but realistic way.’ DC, coaching client who is now working in his dream job in Cambodia

Advocacy training and capacity building
‘Jenny obviously knows what she’s doing and has the necessary experience to make this an engaging learning’
‘Jenny was excellent with so much knowledge and experience as well as many good concrete examples of good and bad practice.’
Participants in INTRAC training for development and environmental NGOs in Norway

‘Fantastic facilitation.’
‘The approach to training & methodology was great especially the exposing of our previous experiences.’
‘The style and methodology for the training which allows for participation of all is commendable.’
Participants in INTRAC workshop for the Federation of International Gynaecologists and Obstetricians Member Associations from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda and Cameroon.

Strategy Facilitation and Programme Development
‘Jenny worked with Oxfam’s humanitarian advocacy teams at an important moment in our strategy development. Her extensive advocacy experience ensured we came our with a strong and realistic plan. She’s a strong communicator, creative and hard-working – a great facilitator. Thanks Jenny’
Oxfam International Humanitarian Campaign Coordinator

‘Jenny worked with us on the development of Oxfam’s national-level strategic analysis and plan. She worked with the team and stakeholders to clarify our model for change through leadership on quality power analysis, developing a strong and common understanding between stakeholders on how change happens in the context, and identifying key entry points to leverage our programmatic objectives. She has excellent understanding of working on change issues particularly in relation restrictive environments and a good coaching style to support the team in improving analysis and strategic thinking. I would highly recommend Jenny for any similar work.’
Oxfam International Country Director, Horn, East and Central Africa Region

Policy Analysis (published papers)
‘Invest in Employability’ OECD Observer Magazine September 2009 Special Edition on the Jobs Crisis
‘Supporting Generation Zapper into lasting employment’ co-authored with William Smith in IPPR collection ‘Now it’s personal: Learning from Welfare to Work approaches around the world’ August 2010

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